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If you are looking to build a home studio to record, produce, mix and master your own music and audio, you have come to the right place.

So, you want to become a bedroom producer?

Many of us dream of achieving success by creating our own music. Thanks to the massive leaps in the quality and the lower price of technology, thriving communities around music production and new innovative services popping left, right and center, trying your wings in the art of homemade music has never been more viable.

What is a bedroom producer?

If you’re new to the term “bedroom producer”, what he or she essentially is, is an individual who has all the essentials one will need to create original, authentic and often very professional quality sounding music in their home studio, without the need of high-costing, high-end music production studio, audio equipment or a mastering engineer.

To get started, a bedroom producer only needs a laptop, a pair of headphones and a Digital Audio Workstation – A piece of software to record, produce, arrange, edit and mix audio tracks. You can take it to the next level by adding instruments, microphones, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, samplers, studio monitors and soundproofing.

It all starts in your bedroom!

To put it bluntly: when you assemble your own home with carefully selected, quality-proven gear that’s very affordable to average consumer, you’re well on your way on pursuing your ambitions as an artist, producer or a sound engineer if you so wish. Countless well-established artist in the world today got their start by just owning a home studio consisting of a laptop, an audio interface, a digital audio workstation and a set of headphones.

What else is there?

On top of good home studio gear, there are also various (both affordable and 100% free) online courses, mastering services and a galaxy of software that you can endlessly use to expand your bedroom studio. And that’s what is here to bring you: to provide information about the best and available options for home music production, that’ll get you started and keep you going for years to come in this hobby that’s so dear to all of us!

We strive to be your #1 trusted source of information regarding learning the basics, getting your home studio set up and how to give your creations the finishing touch, so you can proudly send them out for the world to hear, whether it’s a demo for a record label, or you just want to share your tunes on social media. We will cover all the major key areas of bedroom production from start to finish!

Bedroom Production: Guides and educational courses

Some of us might not consider themselves gifted or have grown around musical people, so the basics of musical theory or practical use of music software might be an alien concept. This, however, should not discourage you by any mean, because there’s huge global community and educational industry for those who look getting into bedroom production.

Have a look at Noiselab for example: they offer an interactive boot camp for all newcomers, consisting of three 6-week courses, that’ll give you a very comprehensive showcase of working with Ableton Live, one of the most established digital audio workstations in the market. All their instructor are certified by the creators of the software, Ableton AG.

Develop yourself in all areas of music!

Our site also features tools and courses for those who want to develop their ears; being able to compose melodies is an essential skill for any bedroom producer. Applications such as Earmaster can give you crucial insight into how have your notes in check.

If you’re looking for something more broader, Masterclass can provide you courses with top-level production value from some of the best producers in the world, such as Armin van Buuren (dance music), Deadmau5 (electronic music) and Timbaland (production and beatmaking) and these lectures are not bound into a certain type of software or setup.

Not all knowledge is something you have to pay for!

On top of our trusted education providers, we want to have you up to date with free available online courses and classes, that might be circulating online. Keep a keen eye on our blog, as well be posting there numerous lectures given by professionals and established artists, who reveal their methods to you!

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Bedroom Production: Hardware

If you want to become a bedroom producer, you need a proper setup. But what to buy? From where? We will keep you up to date with trusted musical hardware retailers, who will offer you the best deals with the best warranties. You don’t need to pay insane amount of your hard-earned money to get your bedroom setup up to par.

If your home computer has enough kick in it, all you need to add on top of your device is a good quality audio interface, studio monitors and headphones and you’re pretty much ready to go on the hardware department.

Music gear is like tattoos, once you get one you can’t stop!

If you’re really feeling that you’re getting into bedroom production, our trusted retailers also got you covered when it comes to synths, instruments, effects and all accessories you need to tie them together. When to producers bug really bites you, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting new toys to increase your growing family of gear, eventually turning your bedroom studio into a hi-tech command center where you’ll be consuming your time into the late hours of the night. Life well spent!

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Bedroom Production: Software

After we’ve covered the learning and the gear, it’s time to dwell into the magical world of music production software. Digital audio workstations, or DAWs, are your best friend when want to create your own music, because they offer you the creative freedom unlike any other. What software should choose? All the major DAW developers offer you a free demo of their respective software, so you’re able to play around and get feel of each of them.

Pick the one that feels natural to you. All DAWs might feel complicated at first, but once you get the hang of one, playing around with it becomes a second nature. Internet is also full of tutorials and courses (like the aforementioned Noiselab) that will get you right into swing of things.

Broaden your possibilities with 3rd party software!

On top of DAWs, you got third party VST-plugins, that work with your workstation. Sound effects, mastering plugins and virtual synthesizers are everything that you need to have to enhance your ability to create sounds. While there are plenty of commercial plugins to purchase, there are also usable freeware plugins that you should add to your toolkit. We list these plugins on our site for those who are not yet 100% sure whether they want to invest more in expanding their VST library, but we have to mention that putting your money on a quality VST will pay itself back 100-fold in terms of creativity and sound avenues that you’re able to take.

Bedroom Production: Music samples

While we admire people who can create everything from scratch, there’s no denying that using good quality samples is a very efficient way of creating new music. There are numerous sound design companies, who specialize in creating music sample packs for producers, from simple drum hits all the way to amazing vocals, acapellas and melodies.

These sample packs come as both commercial and free and they offer and endless ocean of possibilities so you can make the music in your way! All the samples that we list are proven to be the highest of quality, used by world-class producers the world over.

Watch out for fake sample resellers!

The market isn’t without its shortcomings; you can find plenty of hacks and fake entrepreneurs, who bluntly try to repackage possible customers free samples as paid products. We endorse only original sound designers and any sample pack you find from our page are 100% original from their creators. Whether it’s a commercial or a free sample pack, we don’t support hacks who steal other people’s work!


The last but definitely not least what a top tier quality bedroom production needs is proper aftertouch. Mastering is the quintessential finishing touch that every respectable bedroom producer will give to his or her work. A well done mastering process will enhance the sound levels, nuances and dynamics of your tracks.

When you reach the stage in making music that you seriously consider sending your work to a record label, you better make sure that it sounds as good as it can be. But as we can imagine, some professional mastering services can be somewhat expensive, with prices ranging from per track to hourly wages.

Save money in the mastering process with groundbreaking applications!

Luckily there are viable, affordable options for doing the mastering process. Take a service like CloudBounce, for example: An online service that uses an AI algorithm to automatically optimize your sounds. With the amount of experience that our team has in making music, we can confidently promise, that the level of quality that these sorts of services offer nowadays easily fill the standards of what a record label would expect from an upcoming talent.

To Mastering – All the essentials that a bedroom producer will ever need

Bedroom producers worldwide are a proud race of geeks and nerds, who love their hobby and love sharing their work with the world. We also always welcome new blood to the flock and that’s why has been created: To give unbiased information about the beauty of learning to create sounds in your home studio, with no one telling you how to do things.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even break through and become the next big thing in your own music scene, whether it’ll be techno, hip hop, IDM or hardcore! So to summarize it all, what is our end goal?

Step 1: Learn from the masters

We gather online courses and tutorials to our site, that will provide you with everything you need from basic music production to advanced intricacies of knob tweaking. Learn to identify crashing notes, sound imbalances, using of digital audio workstations and playing instruments. Our courses provide more than sufficient information for total beginners as well as advanced bedroom producers!

Step 2: Get your gear in check

To be able to compose a good track, you need proper equipment. “Proper” doesn’t equal to “expensive”, but gear with good standards from top brands and retailers, who have established themselves at the top of their craft. Through our site you’ll be able to find all the essential gadgets to get you started and keep you in business when you feel the urge to expand your repertoire. Audio interfaces, speakers, headphones etc., it’s all here!

Step 3: Get the right software for you

Bedroom producers need the right programs and tools to work with, since to many of us training with a real grand piano or a violin in our apartment isn’t a real option. But with a good digital audio workstation and external software plugins you have endless possibilities to expand your musical horizons even among the easily irritated neighbors. Just put your headphones on and you’re good to go!

Step 4: Expand your sound library

Bedroom producers usually have a somewhat extensive library of sounds, which make the creative process much smoother than trying to create every sound from scratch. A music producer who has a plethora samples on his or her hard drive will be creating smashing tracks from them for years or even decades to come! Our job is to keep you well-informed about the best quality samples on the market, both commercial and free!

Step 5: Master your work with our partners

When a new track is finished, the cherry on top will be the mastering process, where you make sure that everything is up to snap. Cut off the excess frequencies, bring sound levels to industry standards and give your track’s elements more dynamic polish to get that last “Umph!”, so that your work will be enjoyable and high-quality to all listeners, whether they’ll be listening to your tunes via a boombox, earbuds or a loudspeaker!

CloudBounce uses AI to automatically master your tracks. It’s the easiest and quickest way to get high-quality mastering work done for a fraction of the price of hiring a professional. Give it a try for free, or read our CloudBounce review.


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